Florida – Spring Break 2016

Since we moved to Ohio, we have not had a family vacation. We took a few weekends here and there, but Sean has been so busy he could not take the time for us all to go somewhere together. We decided that needed to be remedied, so we finally decided to take the kids to Florida!  It took us weeks to decide where should we go, what should we do? We once moved right before Christmas, establishing firmly that we like to live on the edge so . . . . .  Disney over Spring Break it is!

My friend helped us get a package deal through her work and Sean’s hotel points got us a free place to stay. I set up boarding for the dogs and we were all set for a great, and not super costly, vacation.Worried a bit about the crowds, but we could deal. If it was too crowded, there are other things to do in Florida.

Sticking with our usual chaos, we had a house full of two different sets of visitors the week leading up to the trip. We were at least smart enough not to tell the kids much until the last week of school before the break that we were going anywhere. They then proceeded to badger it out of me by the Wednesday, but that was fine. As long as they slept and had very few days to constantly ask me questions, we were good.

So Friday comes, we start packing, the last of the company leaves. We pack up the truck and get everyone settled in. We take the dogs to the boarders, who of course are in the opposite direction than what we want to go. We realise we left the tickets at home, so we go home again. 1600 Friday March 18, 2016 we head off on another great family adventure.

The drive was nice. We played some eye spy and we made our own road trip bingo since we forgot the one we had at home. Thank goodness the deer we saw were far from the road. So that got us through Ohio and West Virginia. Excitement was high and kids were in great spirits.

2016-03-18 The vacation begins 003

By the time we hit Virginia it was dark and the rest of the journey was a lot of only the driver being awake. Somewhere in South Carolina we pulled into a rest stop and we all had a sleep in the truck. At least we had pillows, and one blanket for the kids to share, so it was not horrible. The kids did well. Finally in the wee hours of the morning, we crossed into Florida.

2016-03-19 Arriving in Florida 001.JPG

As dawn arrived and brought light back to our journey, the truck was full of life and excitement again.  We stopped for breakfast and then decided to hit Daytona beach. Since we did not pack any beach towels we made a quick stop at a Target to grab some towels, and blankets for the car to make sleeping in it more comfy on the way home.

2016-03-19 Arriving in Florida 009

A change in the truck on the beach and we had a super fun time!  (just click the photos to see them larger)

Then the rain came, so time to get back in the truck and move on.

Once we reached our hotel in Orlando the rain was gone and the night was full of swimming and trying frog legs and gator when we went for dinner. What a great start to our long awaited family vacation!

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